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Order a 360 | 3D Scan for your property for sale, increase the visibility and interest of future buyers and get a quick sale.

The advantages of 360 | 3D Scan are a realistic projection of the real estate in a scale that enables accurate calculation of length, width and height.

We offer you one step forward in the world of real estate, we are open to providing you with this exclusive project, simply fill out this form:

3D scan which we use basically works in the same way as radar, with the main difference being that, instead of a microwave energy source, a laser beam is used. The speed of light is a known constant, so the distance between the sensor and an object can be measured by the time it takes for a laser pulse to bounce off of an object and be received by the 3D sensor. This allows 3D scan to be used as a kind of “range-finder” to determine surface geometry with a high degree of detail.

Increase sales
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Inspire more buyers to virtually visit your property in a realistic 3D model

Decrease cost
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Eliminating the need for real estate locations visits, saving time and additional costs

Faster Workflow
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Less time to complete projects when teams can access a property anytime and from anywhere

Reduce CO2
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Eliminating the need for transport costs that positively affect CO2 emissions


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