We are GREEN Real Estate

Why are we motivated to be GREEN real estate?

We want to contribute to changes in the way energy is used, contribute to conscious energy consumption with as little costs as possible. For these reasons, we highlight what we have achieved with little effort and with an open view of the future:

1. Our Hosting is GREEN – Green web hosting means that the hosting provider is committed to contributing to the health of the environment and proactively takes environmental actions that include either carbon offsetting or the use of renewable energy to reduce or mitigate the environmental impact of their servers’ energy consumption. Use renewable energy to power your data centers and facilities. This means that the electricity they use comes from naturally renewable natural resources, such as sunlight, wind, rain, tides and geothermal heat. As the Internet industry develops, so does the amount of energy and resources required to process all operations involving content storage and traffic. Choosing a hosting service provider that actively takes actions towards better efficiency of its data centers and encouraging initiatives to reduce its business environmental footprint is becoming more and more important, because all this has a great impact on climate change, the advantages are:

  • Reducing the C02 emissions of our e-business and online operations, as green hosting providers typically choose to use renewable energy or purchase carbon credits.
  • Better performance of our website, as their sustainability efforts may include adopting the latest technologies and optimizing resources.
  • The ease of being part of the green change, since the moment you use our website on green hosting, you are already making a difference to others in terms of climate change.

2. 360 | 3D Scan is GREEN – The 3D Scan we use basically works in the same way as radar, with the main difference being that instead of a microwave energy source, a laser beam is used. The speed of light is a known constant, so the distance between the sensor and the object can be measured by the time it takes for the laser pulse to bounce off the object and back to the 3D sensor. This allows the 3D scan to be used as a kind of “rangefinder” to determine the geometry of surfaces with a high degree of detail. The advantages of 360 | 3D Scan are a realistic projection of the real estate in a scale that enables accurate calculation of length, width and height. The advantages of this technology are as follows:

  • 50% reduce costs, eliminating the need for property tours, saving time and additional costs.
  • 30% faster workflow, less time to complete projects when teams can access the property anytime and from anywhere.
  • 16% reduce CO2 eliminating the need for transport costs that positively affect CO2 emissions.
  • 14% increase sales, inspire more buyers to virtually visit your property in a realistic 3D model.

3. Our vehicles are GREEN – Encouraging a more conscious lifestyle among our team members. Along with our business and company-level efforts to become environmentally conscious, we are constantly trying to find new ideas to improve energy habits. We are happy to say that we use e-cars and e-bikes.

We all need to understand that our personal choices have public consequences, think one step ahead of what we can do to maintain our business or lifestyle, but in a way that is also considerate of the environment.

4. Dark mode website theme is GREEN – Yes! Dark mode saves energy on OLED displays (but not LCD-LED displays). LCD-LED displays require a backlight that shines at a constant intensity, and to darken a spot, an electric current manipulates the crystals so that light gets blocked. This requires energy. On the other hand, OLED displays implement dark mode by simply turning the specific OLED(s) off, which saves electricity.

Today Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) displays are the latest that technology has to offer. Unlike LCD/LED displays, where the pixels require a backlight, OLED displays use an organic compound semiconductor that emits visible light when an electric current is passed through. These OLEDs are so small that individual pixels can be illuminated directly, which eliminates the need for a backlight and an LCD panel. 

In the end, it’s possible to save over 60% on mobile devices, so put Vista Pro Network in DARK MODE:


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